Skills For Youth programmes

Skills For Youth is a leading programme development and training organisation. We provide educational packages to support youth engagement in skills led personal development, crime prevention and rehabilitation learning. Our service offers seamless integration of programmes within youth centred organisations through the supply of engaging materials, training and implementation support packages. The accompanying templates & evaluation tools enable organisations to measure young peoples progress, capture and track learning, evaluate outcomes achieved, produce progress reports and plan further work as required. Our evidence based programme packages are available in a series of formats covering a variety of social topics for delivery in a range of settings including schools, PRU’s, NEET, crime prevention projects, youth service, youth justice & custodial centres.

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clued up®

Clued Up® is a cognitive behaviour therapy based, suite of risk tiered group work facilitation guides for use with young people involved in the crime. The package covers thinking skills, car crime, anger and entrenched offending behaviour. The learning utilises drama techniques, character and floor plan activities to support young people to reflect on the impacts of offending and develop positive strategies to avoid further offending.

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positive choices™

Positive Choices™ is a one to one worksheet based programme framed on the Key Elements of Effective Practice in Youth Justice and designed for use with young people involved in offending. The resource provides six core skills based modules to assist in supporting young people to work through their offending journeys, learn about the impacts, reflect on decision making and develop positive future pathways.

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ura star™

URA Star™ is an education and career goal planning programme using music and mentoring exercises to empower healthy and focussed mindsets amongst young people. During the learning participants explore the URA Star lyrics, follow a personal development journey to stimulate self worth, enhance confidence and prepare a personal URA Star Achieving Ambitions Plan which captures their steps to reaching their full potential.

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behind the blade™

Behind the Blade™ is a knife crime education programme providing a series of skills-led exercises which support young people to make safe and healthy choices. During the learning young people engage in activities to think about the triggers of knife crime, learn about the impacts of knife related crime on victims and communities and encourage the development of social skills to manage pressures and resolve conflict without the use of knives.

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user licenses

Skills For Youth programmes are supplied in tailored facilitation packages to equip organisations with resources suited to their youth setting, service objectives and contact time with young people. User licenses to implement and operate a programme package are available for and can be purchased by small scale youth centred projects through to local authority departments and national organisations working with young people.

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Community™ is a programme designed to support the rehabilitation of young people involved in domestic or non-domestic burglary. The resource draws on restorative practice and desistance theory to provide practical, reflective and engaging activities. The content assists participants to explore community citizenship, learn about the financial & emotional impacts on victims and communities and develop strategies to handle past offending triggers.

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managing anger plan™

Managing Anger Plan (MAP)™ is a group and one to one education programme to prevent aggression by supporting the development of healthy emotional skills and conflict resolution strategies amongst young people who have experienced difficulty in managing anger. The package provides a series of self-exploratory, skills-led exercises to assist in learning about anger, promoting healthy emotions and planning positive coping mechanisms.

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‘Prevent™’ is a group and one to one facilitation package designed for delivery in youth settings to prevent involvement in anti-social behaviour and crime. The learning is delivered using interactive and character based educational activities which assist to raise awareness about the law, learn about impacts on victims and communities, develop skills to manage negative peer pressure and make positive life choices.

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vip™ toolkit

VIP™ (Voice + Influence = Participation) is a practice guide for Youth Justice organisations to introduce and develop in-house participation practices which meet the principles of article 12 of UNCRC and promote the active involvement of young people who access the service. The VIP toolkit provides a series of practical, discussion, template and presentation based activities for in-house implementation.

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